The Global AI Bootcamp in Lisboa, Portugal is a free event on 15 January 2022 from 09:00 - 17:00 (WET).

About the event

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Global AI Bootcamp 2022 Lisboa is happening both in person and remotely on the 15th of january!

You can join us physically at ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management (University of Lisbon) , one of the oldest schools in Portugal (tracing back to 1759), at the heart of traditional Lisbon neighbourhoods, and just next to the Parliament (don't worry, politicians won't steal your wallet - not on a saturday, anyway).

You can also join online, but you only get free food 🍕 if you attend in person…

Registration: Eventbrite - You'll received information to access the event after registration.

The agenda, full speaker details and much more is available using our mobile friendly progressive app

You must agree to the following rules to attend the event:
⚠️REQUIRED for "in person" - COVID measures will be enforced, including:
Mandatory full COVID vaccination; AND ALSO
Mandatory EU Digital Testing Certificate (test must be taken less than 24 hours before event start); AND ALSO
→ Matching ID card or passport; AND ALSO
Wearing masks is required at all times;
● Legal disclaimer: If the organisation team detects fraudulent COVID documentation, law enforcement authorities will be notified. Anyone found not respecting COVID rules (namely proper usage of masks, etc.) will be asked to leave the venue;
● If you selected "in person" and you can't attend in person or you are unable to due to COVID restrictions, you can always attend remotely. In that case, please cancel the "in person" ticket as soon as possible, to make your seat available for someone else, and sign up for a "remote" ticket;
● We are very picky about privacy. You must agree to our GDPR (RGPD) to join the event, either in person or remotely.

This event is organised by the following non-profit technical communities:
IT Pro Portugal
PowerShell Portugal
Data Community Portugal
Revista Programar
Data Secrets Podcast

This event is kindly sponsored by:
ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management (University of Lisbon)
ADVANCE - Centro de Investigação Avançada em Gestão do ISEG
Lunar Cat

You are welcome to submit sessions to present in the event. If you've never presented a session before we can help you with mentoring (please select the respective options in the form).

Any questions? Send carrier pigeon to 📨"Administrator" + "@" + "ITProPortugal" + "." + "PT"


This is hybrid event, live from Lisboa in Portugal.

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management / University of Lisbon
Rua das Francesinhas - Anfiteatro 4
1200-109 Lisboa


André Melancia

Human Being 🌈

João Antunes

Neutrino Geek ⚛️

Luísa Pissarra

Biochemistry Genius ⚗️

Ricardo Cabral

Cloud Pilot 🌥️

Shane Pereira

Media Sorcerer 🪄


Catalin Gheorghiu

IoT and Feline expert 🐈

Damian Widera

AI Rockstar 🎸

Dominika Widera

Coding Magician 🪄

Liviu Ieran

Passionate Data Engineer

Luis Beltrán

AI Detective 🕵️‍♂️

Marco Dal Pino

AI and IoT Blackbelt

Mihail Mateev

Bot Whisperer

Murilo Miranda

Deadlock Ninja 🥷

Nuno Árias Silva

Epic Solutions Architect

Tomas Vileikis

IT Wizard