The Global AI Bootcamp in Winnipeg, is a free event on 26 January 2022 from 20:00 - 21:30 (CST).

About the event

For this special night, you will get to join various AI industry leaders as they share experience with AI cloud features and fancy demos.

Breakout Session 1 by George Chen

Tensorflow.js is an open-source framework for machine learning in Javascript. It allows developing and deploying ML directly in the browser or Node.js. For application developers, we are able to utilize Tensorflow.js to create exciting intelligent web applications running client-side in the web browser. In this talk, we will see how to build, train a browser-based neural network model. I will also demonstrate developing a Squid-Game Red light, Green light web game using pre-built computer vision models with Tensorflow.js.

Breakout Session 2 by Jordan Nanos

The need for high performance computing in data-driven artificial intelligence workloads has led to the Cambrian explosion of processor architectures. As these novel processor architectures aim to evolve and thrive inside datacenters and cloud-services, we need to understand different figures-of-merit for device-, server- and rack- scale systems. This session will share the results of early-access hands-on experience with these processor/accelerator architectures, and describe an evaluation plan that includes carefully chosen neural network models to gauge the maturity of the hardware and software ecosystem. Ranking the benefits based on different figures of merit such as cost, energy, and adoption efficiency reveals a “heterogenous” future for production systems with multiple processor architectures in the edge-to-datacenter AI workflow.

Roundtable Session host by Cheng Zhang

Recap 'How to #BeADeepLearner- A live Ask Me Anything' online chat event by Andrew Ng earlier that day.

Event Agenda & Speakers:

George Chen- Lead AI Engineer of Cognitive Quanta Corporation
Jordan Nanos- Master Technologist of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Cheng Zhang- AI expert of Cognitive Quanta Corporation


This is an online event, live from Winnipeg in .


Cheng Zhang

AI expert

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