The Global AI Bootcamp in Torino, Italy is a free event on 04 March 2023 from 09:00 - 18:00 (CET).

About the event

The Global AI Bootcamp is a free event organized across the world by local communities that are passionate about Artificial Intelligence on Microsoft Azure.

We're organizing the Italian local edition in Torino on March 4th, 2023!

It's an opportunity for learning about AI and its amazing applications! You will discover how to implement AI solutions using Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel and other providers' SDKs, libraries, tools, pre-trained models, and services.


Circolo del Design
Via San Francesco da Paola 17
10123 Torino


Clemente Giorio

R&D Senior Software Engineer (Deltatre); Microsoft MVP

Gianni Rosa Gallina

R&D Technical Lead (Deltatre); Microsoft MVP

Local sponsors