The Global AI Bootcamp in Lisboa, Portugal is a free event on 04 March 2023 from 09:00 - 17:00 (WET).

About the event

Global AI Bootcamp 2023 Lisboa + Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2023 Lisboa is a FREE event happening in person at ISEG/University of Lisboa, on 24th february (workshops) and 25th february (sessions).

You can join us physically at ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management (University of Lisbon), one of the oldest schools in Portugal (tracing back to 1759), at the heart of traditional Lisbon neighbourhoods, and just next to the Parliament (don't worry, politicians won't steal your wallet - not on a saturday, anyway).

You can also join online, but you only get free food 🍕, prizes 🎁 and other surprises 🙀 if you attend in-person…

The agenda, full speaker details and much more is available using our mobile friendly progressive app:
Friday 24th Feb: FREE workshops
Saturday 25th Feb: Sessions day with many international speakers

Also, have a look at the official event pages of both Global initiatives:
Global AI Bootcamp 2023
Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2023

Important notes:
👻This event joins 2 different global initiatives together, and for that reason it's happening 1 week before other Global AI locations;
♿ Our venue is fully accessible (wheel chair friendly, easily navigable, free private parking, etc.), and we are here to help with anything you need, just ask :)
☣️ Bugs and features happen, and while we expect no epidemic restrictions, we reserve the possibility to implement COVID, monkeypox or flat-earther measures, and worst case, we may convert the event to online only;
⚠️ We are very picky about privacy. You must agree to our GDPR (RGPD) at 🔗https://ITProPortugal.PT/GDPR to join the event, either in person or remotely.

This event is organised by the following non-profit technical communities:
● IT Pro Portugal
● PowerShell Portugal
● Data Community Portugal
● Office365PT
● Data Secrets Podcast

This event is kindly sponsored by:
● ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management (University of Lisbon)
● ADVANCE - Centro de Investigação Avançada em Gestão do ISEG
● PTServidor
● Lunar Cat
● Sessionize

Please see more details and register on the registration page

Any questions? Send carrier pigeon to 📨"Administrator" + "@" + "ITProPortugal" + "." + "PT"


This is hybrid event, live from Lisboa in Portugal.

ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management / University of Lisbon
Rua das Francesinhas
1200-109 Lisboa


André Melancia

Human Being 🌈

Ricardo Cabral

Cloud Pilot 🌥️