The Global AI Developer Days in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a free event on 31 October 2022 from 18:00 - 20:00 (CET).

About the event

Join us for an inspiring evening focusing on how you as an aspiring AI developer can build intelligent applications.

Workshop 1: Patient registration made easy with AI services
Most of the forms we complete nowadays are online but there are still times when we need to complete paper based forms. There are plenty of examples, for this workshop, we've chosen a patient registration for a doctor's surgery as it's something we've all had to do at some point.

Workshop 2: Develop Custom Object Detection Models with NVIDIA and Azure Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning studio is a GUI-based integrated development environment for constructing and operationalizing Machine Learning workflow on Azure. Learn how to develop custom object detection models using this service with NVIDIA GPU accelerated virtual machines.

Workshop 3: PyTorch and Azure Machine Learning

18:00-18:15 Introductions and Keynote
18:15-20:00 Workshop of your choice


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This is an online event, live from Amsterdam in Netherlands.


Alyona Galyeva

Principal AI Engineer

Bhoomika Agarwal

PhD candidate

Nancy Irisarri Mendez

Data Scientist