Interested in organizing a Global AI Developer day? That's awesome! Read about how it works, how we will help, and what you have to arrange!

Interested in organizing a Global AI Developer day?

Do you want to join a global team and organize a Global AI Developer Day in your community? We are here for you to support you with content, guidance and a platform.

How does it work?

  1. Pick a date between 28 October and 4 November 2022
  2. Register your event on our website
  3. Choose your event format.
    Are you going with a event in a box workshop or create your own event?
  4. Attend the Train the Trainer sessions for the workshops
  5. Have a great event, don't forget to play the keynote!

If you are looking for a speaking opportunity, then submit your session to the call for speakers or connect with one of the local venues around the world.

It's just like any other meetup!

To get started, create an account on this site and register your event.

  • Agree to the event organizer terms
  • Find a location where you can host your in-person event or setup a virtual event on Microsoft Teams.
  • If needed, arrange some event sponsors
  • Arrange speakers and/or workshop proctors
  • Use our content or create your own.
Create an account

Support from HQ and Microsoft

We are extremely happy to offer the following to user groups that participate in the Global AI Back Together event:

  • Azure Passes for up to 50 attendees
  • Quality content: ready-to-go workshops and slide deck available on our GitHub
  • Global keynote recording to kick-off all events in style
  • Event support ask for the possibilities
  • MeetUp Pro account under the Global AI Community for your registrations

Event Organizer Agreement


You agree to play the 5-minute keynote provided by Global AI Community HQ & Microsoft at the start of your event.


You can use the workshop content provided or use your own workshop material. In that case it would be great if you'd be willing to share that with the Global AI Community


You agree to arrange a location. Many organizers get help from their employer for this.


The event must be free of charge for the attendees.


Your event needs a publicly available registration page, this can be on MeetUp or Eventbrite. The event must be open to all people that subscribe, on a first come, first serve basis. The event must be free of charge.

Code of Conduct

All attendees and organizers must agree with the code of conduct.

Promotion & Sponsors

To make this event awesome it is the best to find some sponsors so you can provide some snacks and drinks, swag and maybe even an after party! If you cannot find any sponsors, contact the Global AI Community HQ to find a solution.

Promote your event at the right channels so you get in the right people. AI is a wide topic so make sure you target the right people!

Communication with the Global AI Community HQ

Every organizer is required to submit the feedback in the post-event survey provided by the Global AI Community HQ within 14 days after the event.

Use our hashtag #GlobalAICommunity across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other appropriate channel.

Code of Conduct

As an organizer you have to make sure that at least this code of conduct is in place.

Be aware of diversity and inclusivity at your event.