The Global AI Bootcamp in Kathmandu, Nepal is a free event on 14 December 2019 from 11:00 - 15:00.

About the event

Global AI Bootcamp Kathmandu, Nepal

This time we are organizing AI Gaming tournament on Global AI Bootcamp Day in Nepal , Kathmandu along with Asian College of Higher Studies IT Club Teams. AI Gaming is online gaming tournament, happening on Dec 14 at ACHS College premises. The event is basically targeted to beginners with some python knowledge, but beginners and advanced level programmers are welcome.

We will be using Microsoft AI, Cognitive services and Vision API in our python code to make the game fun.

Participants will create a bot for "MATCH GAME" (tile matching game) using python and Microsoft AI services. At the end of the event, all the bot so developed by the participants will compete with each other making a tournament. The bot making way up to the final round will be declared as winner and honored. But first, participants need to be registered at http://bit.ly/achsminihack

Microsoft Azure subscription for AI services will be provided on premise.

Note: Participants should bring their own laptop.

It's AI time. See you there! Do register yourself at : http://bit.ly/achsminihack

For any queries do mail at : [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]


Anil Maharjan

MVP Data Platform , Nepal


LABA Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal 44600
00977 Kathmandu

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