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Virtual event
Wednesday, 27 March 2024
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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2024-03-27 01:00:00
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Synergizing Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing: Unleashing the Power of Intelligent Cloud Solutions

Abstract: As we navigate the digital era, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing stands as a transformative force, reshaping the way we approach data processing, analytics, and decision-making. This presentation delves into the seamless integration of AI and Cloud technologies, exploring the synergies that give rise to intelligent cloud solutions.
Speaker: Dr Peter CY YAU, Assistant Professor in Computing Science; Microsoft MVP
Date/Time: March 27th 9am (GMT+8)
Language: English

Empowering Education: Unleashing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Learning Environments

Abstract: In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize traditional learning paradigms. This presentation delves into the transformative power of AI in educational settings, exploring innovative applications, challenges, and the future trajectory of AI-driven learning experiences.
Speaker: Ejoe TSO, Microsoft MVP
Date/Time: March 27th 10am (GMT+8)
Language: English

Securing the Future: the intersection of AI, IoT and Cybersecurity

Abstract: In an era where interconnected devices and artificial intelligence revolutionize the way we live and work, ensuring the security of these technologies becomes paramount. This presentation delves into the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity, exploring how the synergy of these domains can fortify our digital ecosystems.
Speaker: Dr SyeLoong KEOH, Associate Professor
Date/Time: March 27th 11am (GMT+8)
Language: English

Let AI Develop for You! - GitHub Copilot

Abstract: While AI won't replace all Software Developers anytime soon, it can be VERY helpful in many scenarios. And GitHub Copilot, with its integration in VSCode and Visual Studio, takes that to a whole new level. Can't remember a RegEx syntax? (who does...) Want to understand what a 10-year-old function does? Or, need to change the behavior of a piece of code in a language you don't know? Let's talk about this, and much more.
Speaker: Davide BENVEGNU, Global DevOps Lead - Playstudios, CTO - DBTek, Microsoft MVP
Date/Time: March 27th 12noon (GMT+8)
Language: English

Opportunities for Machine Learning and GenAI in the Unseen Parts of the Company

Abstract: A great deal of attention has already been given to how machine learning might transform the way companies interact with their customers in the AI revolution that is well underway in recent years. In this presentation, I would like to draw your attention to the vast opportunities that lie in the middle and back offices, parts of the enterprise that are largely “unseen”. I will also discuss characteristics of a good machine learning project in the middle/back office with an example as well as how GenAI might be applied in the future.
Speaker: Dr Binghao NG, AI Scientist.
Date/Time: March 27th 2pm (GMT+8)
Language: English


摘要: 當我們進入數位時代時,人工智慧 (AI) 和雲端運算的融合成為一股變革力量,重塑了我們處理數據、分析和決策的方式。 本示範深入探討了人工智慧和雲端技術的無縫集成,探索了智慧雲端解決方案的協同效應。
講者: 丘震宇博士,電腦科學助理教授微軟 MVP
日期/時間: 3 月 27 日上午 9 點(GMT+8)
語言: 英語


摘要: 在不斷發展的教育領域,人工智慧 (AI) 的整合有可能徹底改變傳統的學習模式。 本演講深入探討了人工智慧在教育環境中的變革力量,探索創新應用、挑戰以及人工智慧驅動的學習體驗的未來軌跡。
講者: 曹嘉豪先生,微軟 MVP
日期/時間: 3 月 27 日上午 10 點(GMT+8)
語言: 英語


摘要: 在互聯設備和人工智慧徹底改變我們生活和工作方式的時代,確保這些技術的安全性變得至關重要。 本示範深入探討人工智慧 (AI)、物聯網 (IoT) 和網路安全的交叉點,探討這些領域的協同作用如何強化我們的數位生態系統。
講者: 邱裕隆博士,副教授
日期/時間: 3 月 27 日上午 11 點(GMT+8)
語言: 英語

人工智慧程式設計 - GitHub Copilot

摘要: 雖然人工智慧不會很快取代所有軟體開發人員,但它在許多情況下都非常有幫助。 GitHub Copilot 與 VSCode 和 Visual Studio 的整合將其提升到了一個全新的水平。 不記得正規表示式語法? (誰...)想了解 10 年前的函數的作用嗎? 或者,需要用您不知道的語言更改一段程式碼的行為? 讓我們談談這個,還有更多。
講者: Davide BENVEGNU,Playstudios 全球DevOps 主管、DBTek 首席技術長、微軟 MVP
日期/時間: 3 月 27 日中午 12 點(GMT+8)
語言: 英語

不為人知的機器學習和 GenAI 機遇

摘要: 在近年來正在進行的人工智慧革命中,機器學習如何改變公司與客戶互動的方式已經引起了極大的關注。 在本次演講中,我想提請您注意中後台部門(企業中大部分「看不見」的部分)存在的巨大機會。 我還將透過一個例子來討論一個好的中後台機器學習專案的特點,以及未來如何應用 GenAI。
講者: 吴秉浩博士,人工智慧科學家。
日期/時間: 3 月 27 日下午 2 點(GMT+8)
語言: 英語

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