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Hybrid event Saturday, 16 March 2024
Global AI Bootcamp | Hong Kong SAR - Hong Kong
Global AI Bootcamp 2024

Hong Kong
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Hybrid event
Saturday, 16 March 2024
9:45 AM - 12:45 PM
(UTC+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi
2024-03-16 01:45:00
2024-03-16 04:45:00
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Rundown of the Global Bootcamp 2024 – Hong Kong

(1) Keynote Speech - Latest Development of AI (15 Minutes)

(2) Workshop Interact with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Models (75 Minutes)

This workshop offers a practical and immersive learning experience in Generative AI and Prompt Engineering. Discover the power of techniques like zero-shot learning and chain of thought. Explore the creative potential of DALL-E for image generation. Learn how to effectively use function calling to unlock the full capabilities of prompt engineering. (No need to bring your notebook to participate in person.)

Speaker Mr. Cyrus Wong, Microsoft MVP - Azure & Senior Lecturer Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology (HKIIT)


(3) Expert Insights: (60 minutes) A few tips to Implement AI Techniques in Business world.

Mr. Mic Kwok, Vice President - Digital & Business Solutions, Global Technology Integrator Ltd


How to deploy your bot with azure OpenAI

Mr. Karl Li - Director, Hazedawn Limited


Level: Beginner


(1) 主題演講- 2024人工智能最新發展 (15分鐘)

(2) 微軟Azure OpenAI 模型互動工作坊 (75分鐘)

該工作坊提供具有的實用性及身臨其境的即時生成式人工智能學習體驗。 發現零樣本學習和思考鍊等技術的力量。 探索DALL-E 在人工智能影像生成方面的創造潛力。 了解如何有效地使用微軟Azure OpenAI。(親身參加無需帶備手提電腦.)

講者:黃俊彥 先生, 微軟 MVP - Azure & 香港資訊科技學院 (HKIIT) 高級講師


(3) 業界專家分享最新的微軟人工智能技術講座 (60分鐘)


郭家強先生 - 副總裁 數位和商業解決方案 Global Technology Integrator Ltd


如何使用 Azure OpenAI 部署機器人

李施亮先生 - 總監, Hazedawn Limited



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Hybrid event

IVE (Lee Wai Lee), 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories

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Global AI Bootcamp 2024

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