Cloud Community Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
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This group is OPEN FOR ALL (IT Pro, Developers, Start-ups) who interested in cloud technology or cloud enthusiasts. If you are a beginner, or in your mind still asking "what on earth is cloud?", or you are a developer (Web, Desktop, Mobile, IoT using .NET, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Java, Python, R, etc.) and you want/need to move to a cloud ecosystem, or you'd like to understand cloud architecture, or you are an IT Pro expert, may be cloud masters than this community is for you.

Let's have fun and enjoy in the cloud... Knowing is not enough! Join us... This group is an open public community who wants to leverage, enhance knowledge, learning about the cloud. Members can always share their knowledge as well. You can meet Cloud, IT Pro expert, Developers, Masters or join together to make a workshop. Let's enjoy and have fun in the cloud.