Code Pyramid Nigeria

Kano / Nigeria
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We are a community of techies, software developers, system analysts, web designers, graphics designers,  animators, DBAs, Hardware Engineers and Entrepreneurs. At Code Pyramid Nigeria, we value: Inclusion. You are welcome here. We offer a friendly atmosphere regardless of gender and ethnicity. We are not youth centered, but we welcome talented young people who are engaged in software development.

Openness. We celebrate the principles of Open Data. Open-source is a given. Individuals. We encourage the development of the individual software developer (as opposed to a business incubator). We mentor on development, presentation skills, project management and more. Our group ranges widely in experience, but we all share a common passion for technology.

Community. We want to interact with existing organizations to build a tech ecosystem in the North . We’ll work with government, industry, schools, youth: you name it. We’re opinionated, independent, and eager to help.

Let’s go!