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Code, Deploy and Maintain your Azure (data) Infrastructure with Confidence

Code, Deploy and Maintain your Azure (data) Infrastructure with Confidence

Have you been deploying your Azure databases and all connected resources through the portal?

Are you fed-up with clicking, weird resource naming and mostly, with having to deal with changes manually?

If you are working in Azure and you have anything to do with data and the infrastructure, this session is for you!

Azure Infrastructure as Code offers a plethora of possibilities, but the first time I checked it out, all I saw were Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Hard to read, harder to write. They gave me headaches. It seems I wasn't the only one with that problem, because there are excellent tools to help you out! My favourite, and the one I'm using in this session is Terraform.

Now why is this presenter talking about this? I've deployed a number of customer environments with this language. Whenever there's a security update, like a new policy for example, I can deploy this to all customers in minutes. I'll only have to code this once and can easily deliver it many times, saving them time and money. Resources we can spend in other areas like ETL, ELT etc.

During the session, I'll demonstrate the basics of a data deployment, following the spirit of the Microsoft Well Architected Framework. I'll show you my way of working, the structure and and the end result. There is no need to try and photograph what's happening on screen, all the scripts will be available after the session.

Presented By: Reitse Eskens Data Platform Consultant at Axians Business Analytics Reitse began his computer days with GW Basic and quickly followed with Windows 3.11. After that many computers followed and, interrupted by human resource and psychology studies, he got into the IT work field around 2007. There he met Oracle 9. With a command line from 1980.

At his current job he met SQL Server. And loved it. Now he’s working with SQL 2008 to SQL 2019 on-premises and a number of Azure SQL Databases, supporting customers and tuning databases. New projects focus more on the Azure data platform as an architect, security advisor and data engineer.

Thursday, 9 November 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM America/New_York


Data and AI Architecture Virtual Group
New York, United States