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Hi Hacksters! I'm Ron Dagdag, your Ambassador here in DFW. Together with co-ambassadors Johnathan Hottel and Harold Pulcher, we welcome you to our group.

Hackster is an online community for hardware hackers. By popular demand, we're also launching local project nights. Our goal is simple: help hardware makers and hackers from Dallas/Fort Worth to connect, share ideas, and build great things together!

Whether you are a total arduino newbie or you need some advice for finishing your advanced project, this is the meetup for you! Wanna learn about Home Automation, Internet of Things, Robotics, 3d printing - Join now. • New Hardware to play with! That's right, has a LOT of sponsors, and periodically they'll give us things to play with! If you make something super cool and write all about it on Hackster.

Contests! Hackster loves contests, and you can find all of our current ones at Submit a cool enough idea and Hackster will provide you with free hardware and the means to make it happen, just for writing it up on Hackster! Win the challenge and you'll get more awesome prizes! It doesn't get cooler than that, and Hackster Live is here to help you submit the best project possible. • Mentor or member-led group events, such as building an electronics kit together, writing a program together, or re-creating a Hackster project together. Details would be provided prior to the event so you could join us in working on whatever the project is. We'll try to have these as often as possible. • Show and tell of a project you're working on. You might even recruit some help! • Ad-hoc long-term projects that are open to participation by any community member. • Test before you buy your own hardware If you're planning to purchase some microcontroller or a kit, we may have it available for you to test before you purchase your own. • Chill out area with a cool YouTube playlist aimed at makers, snacks, drinks, maybe some cards or board games - have a good time and chat with fellow nerds. • Kids area with littleBits and the like. That's right; you don't even have to leave the little guys at home - now you can teach the kiddos about electronics too! Please do be respectful to other makers and bring kids who are an appropriate age or well-behaved enough to keep noise level low. • Finally, working on your own is of course an option! Maybe you just need a place to escape, some tools to work with, or some like-minded people to bounce questions off of. Feel free to pop in even if group activities aren't your thing :)

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