Microsoft Fabric | Azure IoT + M365 update | Nano Framework

Online event
Thursday, 7 December 2023
Microsoft Fabric | Azure IoT + M365 update | Nano Framework

Microsoft Fabric | Azure IoT + M365 update | Nano Framework

Online event
Thursday, 7 December 2023 to Friday, 8 December 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM America/Toronto

The event will take place at the Microsoft Canada office in Toronto. To join the event, it's essential to complete the registration through the link provided below:

Topic: Recent IoT and M365 update and ask me anything IoT and M365

Speakers: Sander van de Velde, Pete Gallagher, Clifford Agius, Paul Bullock, José Simões

Topic: Nano Framework In this session we'll go into a brief overview of .NET nanoFramework, which allows to write C# application for resource constrained microcontrollers. Learn how to have a popular ESP32 module ready to work with this framework in under 5 minutes. Reading from a sensor and sending data to Azure.

Speaker: José Simões My name is José Simões. I’m a husband and father of two sons. I live and work at Leiria, Portugal. I’m CEO at Eclo Solutions, a company that I’ve created in 2003 along with three colleagues from university. I’m founder and core team member of .NET nanoFramework, an Open Source project that allows programming in C# for micro-controllers. Three times MVP awarded on Interner of Things (IoT) and Developer Technologies, by Microsoft. I’m one of those very fortunate persons that get paid to do what they love. My time at the office is split between management tasks, coding and electronics. I’m responsible for coordinating the developer team, supervising their work, perform code reviews, designing and architecting systems and interfacing with partners and customers when there are ongoing turn key development projects. I work mostly with Microsoft technologies, .NET Framework, C#, SQL, Azure. I also program in C and C++ when I need to get near the metal. On my toolbelt I also have Cloud and IoT related tools such as .NET Gadgeteer, Netduino, Wi-Fi modules, GPRS modules, .NET Micro Framework, .NET nanoFramework, Unit Tests, Visual Studio extensibility and a few others related with electronics. I’m a curious type of person and I enjoy very much learning new stuff. I love science, space and I’m fascinated in everything related with sea, ships and submarines. I love reading, cooking, doing things and hanging around with interesting people. I’m very passionate and devoted to my job and my projects. I tend to be pragmatic (almost perfectionist) and I’m very demanding of myself and the people I work with. Despite not practicing it as much as I would like I’m an enthusiast of mountain bike and sailing.

Topic: Microsoft Fabric Speaker: Sanaz Janbakhsh Sanaz Janbakhsh is a Data & AI cloud solution architect with 20 years of industry experience. She has been a data and analytics architect for 10 years and has worked in different industries such as consulting firms as well as the public sector. Her areas of expertise include analytics, data management, and governance. In her free time, she is an artist and enjoys creating art professionally, reading, and outdoor activities.

Microsoft Canadian Headquarters (Suite 4400)
81 Bay St.
M5J 0E7 Toronto


Metro Toronto Azure Community
Toronto, Canada