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This series of events takes a close look at Microsoft and surrounding technologies. Based on Microsoft cloud computing and related products, it involves cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, data processing, development tools, commercial software, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence.

The series of activities invite Microsoft technical experts, front-line developers, successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and others to share their technology and experience. Let YOU DIRECT ACCESS TO Microsoft's new technology, FACE TO face with experts to discuss and share Microsoft's latest technology, to solve your problems, so that you comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the cause. Microsoft Technology EXPRESS WILL use technical lectures, expert interviews, PK experts and other forms of activities, to bring you a rich technical feast.

The series of events are organized by Microsoft MVP with the full support and assistance of Microsoft, with the initial intention of technology sharing, to help the development of technology and the establishment of ecology in the information technology industry.